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What Not to Flush Down Your Toilet When You Have a Septic Tank

Though you probably don’t devote too much time to thinking about your septic system, the plumbing in your Colorado home is a delicate balance. Putting too much strain on it will inevitably cause problems that can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

One of the most common reasons of septic system clogs is when people treat their toilet like a garbage can, flushing things without thinking about the consequences. Here are the top five things you should never flush down your toilet if you want to avoid expensive problems with your septic system.

  1. Feminine Products Tampons and pads are perennial culprits of septic system clogs. When you flush them, they don’t break down inside your septic tank. Instead, they accumulate and, over time, lead to the birth of a clog.

  2. Sanitary Wipes Another no-no when it comes to protecting the health of your sewer system are baby wipes and makeup remover towelettes. Even products that say “flushable” on the label are better off going in the trash can, not down the toilet. They don’t biodegrade the way toilet paper does, which means they accumulate in your septic tank and eventually create clogs.

  3. Diapers Though diapers contain human waste, that doesn’t mean you should ever flush them. Because of their absorbent design, diapers will expand in water. Even if you manage to flush one down the toilet, it will likely get stuck somewhere in your pipes.

  4. Kitty Litter Most cat litters have a clay base, which hardens if it gets wet. Wet kitty litter has a consistency similar to cement, which can solidify inside your pipes. Even litter marketed as flushable is not safe to introduce into your septic system.

  5. Old Medications You may have heard the safest thing to do with expired medication is to flush it down your toilet. However, these medications can disrupt the balance of bacteria in your tank, which can affect your septic system’s ability to break down waste. Also, when you flush medications, you risk introducing them into the groundwater, which can cause health problems for people, animals and the environment.

Don’t Gamble With Your Septic System, Call Roto-Rooter Today

If you have a septic tank, contact the professionals at Roto-Rooter Western Slope for maintenance. We’ve offered residential and commercial plumbing service to the Glenwood Springs area for over 40 years, and are happy to take your call 247.

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