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Roto Rooter Western Slope, Colorado

Drain Cleaning

At Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs, we specialize in drain cleaning services that Pitkin, Garfield, and Mesa County can rely on. In the past, dealing with drain problems has been a stressful process that Colorado home and business owners think they can ignore or try to solve on their own. Unfortunately, drain issues are not something individuals should take on alone. Your local team of professionals at Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs is always here to clean your interior and exterior drains with accuracy and speed.

With various do-it-yourself methods of drain cleaning on the market, it can seem like professional help is not needed when experiencing drain issues. The reality is that you cannot solve a drain problem when you do not actually know what is going on within your pipes. At home methods of drain cleaning like chemical drain cleaners mask the problem within your pipe system instead of truly providing your drains with a viable solution. Our team at Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs is equip with a variety of drain cleaning services that you can rely on.

Why You Should Professionally Inspect Your Drains Before Cleaning

Before our team a Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs conducts any cleaning service, your drains will need to be inspected to locate the problem. Drain camera inspections are quick, easy, and allow our team to locate the exact source of your drain problems. Drain inspections can be performed on interior and exterior pipes. The process involves our team established a point that provides us with access to your drain system. Through that access point, a flexible rod with a high-definition camera attached to it will be moved through your drain to reveal clogs and blockages within your pipeline. When the process is complete, our team will be able to decide the best cleaning service for your Colorado home or business.

Use Hydro Jetting to Clean Your Colorado Drains

At Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs, the most reliable form of drain cleaning we use is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is an environmentally-friendly cleaning service that uses exclusively clean water to flush your drains of any harmful debris and buildup. Hydro jetting uses the same access point that was established during your sewer camera inspection. Our team will take a hose with a special multi-directional nozzle and feed it through your drain. As the hose moves through your drain, our team will release high pressure water into the hose that will spray from the multi-directional nozzle. The water pressure used during hydro jetting is controlled by our technician, and it is powerful enough to remove calcified clogs and harmful tree roots. Hydro jetting is an extremely versatile drain cleaning service that can be used year-round to ensure your pipe health and lengthen the lifespan of your pipes.

Signs Your CO Drains Need Cleaning

There are a variety of reasons that your residential or commercial drains could need cleaning. It is important to recognize and be aware of things like slow flushing drains, sewer backup, leaking pipes, and flooding as signs that your drains need to be serviced. Drain cleaning is an easy process that will save you costly repairs that could arise in the future. Our team at Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs wants home and business owners to stay reactive rather than reactive when it comes to their pipe systems.

At Roto Rooter Glenwood Springs, we service the counties of Pitkin, Garfield, and Mesa. Your team of local industry experts are eager to assist you and will always show up to your Colorado property prepared. Next time you think about cleaning your drains yourself, call your local professionals to get the job done for you.

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