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Roto Rooter Western Slope, Colorado

Tree Root Invasion

That beautiful, large tree in your yard may be causing unseen damage to your plumbing system. If you’re experiencing issues with your pipe systems at your Western Slope property, learn more about tree root invasion and what our team at Roto-Rooter Western Slope can do about it.

How Does Tree Root Invasion Damage Pipes?

Tree root systems can be extensive and can be more than twice the size of the tree itself. The purpose of tree roots is to find water and nutrients from underground. Sometimes, the tree roots find the water and nutrients from your pipe system instead. As they search for nourishment, they can reach into small holes or crevices in your pipes. From there, they continue growing into the pipes. They will then create holes in weak pipes. Over time, roots start to grow inside pipes which results in blockage of your pipe system. Eventually, as the root systems continue to grow, the strength will crush pipes and cause extensive damage to your drain system.

Signs Your Colorado Pipes are Damaged by Tree Roots

There are signs that can indicate tree root invasion. If the roots are causing blockage in a sewer or drain line, you may experience constant clogging in your bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. The water in the tub or sink may also drain slowly. You may also hear gurgling signs. If there is root invasion in the main water line, you may experience low water pressure all throughout the property. You may also hear banging noises from your pipes. If there is serious damage from the tree root invasion, you may smell a foul odor from your home or yard. You may also see your water bills suddenly rising even if your water use hasn’t changed much.

Diagnosing and Preventing Future Tree Root Intrusion

The best way to diagnose tree root invasion is to have an experienced technician do an inspection. Our professional technicians at Roto-Rooter Western Slope can run a specialized Sewer Camera Inspection through your water line and see if tree roots are causing damage to your pipes.

If you have a large tree in your yard, you should have your drains checked every couple of years to make sure there is no tree root damage. If you have old pipes, you might want to have them checked or replaced to prevent future damage. It’s also important not to ignore any minor plumbing issues. If you have a drain that frequently clogs or backups, you might want to have it checked out rather than fix it yourself. You may not realize that a small issue can have a bigger underlying problem. One final tip is when you plant new trees, be sure to check where your water and sewer lines are so that you don’t plant near them.

Contact Your Team of Local Professionals at Roto-Rooter Today

By catching tree root damage early, you can prevent further damage to your plumbing system, At Roto-Rooter Western Slope, we provide plumbing services to the Colorado Western Slope region. We can inspect your pipes for tree root damage such as cracks, breaks, or blockage. Contact us today to learn more about tree root invasion.

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