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Roto Rooter Western Slope, Colorado

Septic Tank Installation

At Roto-Rooter Western Slope, we specialize in septic system maintenance, repair, and installation. We understand that servicing your septic system can be a daunting task, and that installing a septic system can seem even more intimidating. Your local professionals at Roto-Rooter Western Slope are here to tell you that you don’t have to install your septic system on your own. Our team is made up of industry professionals that are experts in the installation of septic systems. If your home or business is needing septic system installation, our team is always standing by and ready to help through septic services in Grand Junction, CO, and the surrounding areas.

How Septic Systems Work

Septic systems are economical sewer systems that are primarily used in rural areas where homes or business do not have access to centralized sewer systems. At Roto-Rooter Western Slope, septic systems are our specialty. When installing a septic system, it is vital to understand how they work. Septic systems are sewer systems that digest organic matter, separates floatable matter like grease and oils, and removes solids from wastewater. They are underground systems that are designed to slowly release the liquid waste into surrounding soil. Septic systems can be made out of a variety of materials like concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Our team at Roto-Rooter Western Slope is here to walk you through every step of your septic system installation whether you have questions or would just like to oversee the process. We also serve the following areas:

Installing Your CO Septic System

At Roto-Rooter Western Slope, we take the installation of your septic system seriously because it is an essential part of your property. The installation process is careful because there are several steps that need to be addressed before excavating your property. Before installation begins, we will need to obtain permits that require your area to be secured. Obtaining permits is vital part of the installation process because if not done properly, you will be subject to costly fines and extra excavations in the future. In addition to obtaining permits, the area where the septic system is being installed needs to be surveyed to complete a blueprint for the project.

After obtaining permits and drawing up the blueprint, we will begin the excavation process that preps the site for the septic tank. When the site is excavated, we will put the pipes in place, connecting them, and fitting them to your home or business’s interior lines. Gravity is very important in the installation process because the pipes will need to have a certain decline to allow the waste to flow away from your structure and in to the septic tank. Once the pipes have been properly placed, all pipes will be sealed to prevent leaks and covered, restoring the area to its former function.

Call Roto-Rooter Western Slope for Your Septic System Installation today!

Both the installation process and your septic system needs to be environmentally sound and safe. At Roto-Rooter Western Slope, our plumbing company makes sure that your septic system meets county codes, so that you do not have to deal with future problems that require plumbing repairs. Our team provides plumbing services and emergency plumbing solutions in the areas of Pitkin, Garfield, and Mesa County, Colorado. If you want your septic system to be installed in the most efficient way possible, count on your local plumber in Grand Junction, CO, and nearby areas at Roto-Rooter Western Slope.

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