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Roto Rooter Western Slope, Colorado

Winter Plumbing Preparation in Grand Junction, CO and Nearby Areas

Colorado is a beautiful place to live – especially in the winter months that bring a season of snow, holidays, and of course outdoor recreation. This winter, be sure to prepare your home for those cold spells so that you can prevent any interruptions from this festive time! You can do this with the help of your top plumber in Grand Junction, CO, and nearby areas, Roto-Rooter Western Slope.

The Problem With Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, so does the water within them. This build-up of ice is what causes significant and often expensive problems. This build-up creates blockages that can cause cracks in weak areas of the pipes, plumbing back-ups, and flooding.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare your home before the cold sets in and prevent damage from happening when the weather suddenly dips. It is much easier to insulate outdoor pipes without winter gloves on!

If you do notice frozen pipes you may see small cracks, leaks, or experience slow-moving water or poor water pressure. In any of these cases, make sure you turn off your water and call your trusted plumbing company, Roto-Rooter Western Slope immediately.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Focus on pipes that are located in unheated areas – the garage, crawl spaces, basements, uninsulated walls etc. (Don’t forget about the washing machine!) Even pipes under the sink that are behind closed cupboard doors can freeze. Be sure and open those cupboards periodically to allow heat to circulate.

Insulate any pipes in unheated areas – no matter what material they are made of. If you know which pipes are at significant risk, use heat tape or thermostat-controlled heat cables along with insulation to prevent freezing.

Keep buildings heated to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, even when you aren’t home. For pipes that are not exposed to extreme cold, you might consider keeping the hot water running at just a trickle overnight. Be careful not to use this method on pipes that are not insulated as it could cause the pipes to freeze and become blocked, which may then require plumbing repairs courtesy of our team.

Calling the Experts

We serve the following areas:

Aspen, CO

Glenwood Springs, CO

Grand Junction, CO

Rifle, CO

Roto-Rooter Western Slope has equipment specifically for thawing frozen pipes and has highly trained crews to assist you with winter plumbing preparation, repairs, and even water clean up. If you have questions about how to prepare your home for the winter – please don’t hesitate to call! We will help you prepare your home plumbing system for cold weather so you can enjoy whatever the season brings. We offer an array of plumbing services for all your needs. We can also help with emergency plumbing.

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